Come along with us and see what the furniture forecast is for next year!

  1. Dark Gray – A dark, moody gray isn’t as intense as black but still offers a lot of drama.
  2. Warm Neutrals – Move aside, cold grays! Beige and warm grays (aka greige) will certainly become the “it colour” next year! This warm leather set is perfect.
  3. Chocolate – Chocolate brown, together with all of the warm neutrals you’ll see, is a warm alternative to gray, and also brings a seventies vibe.
  4. Mid-Century Modern – The classic mid-century style isn’t going anywhere, and here at Wiens, we carry a wide variety of pieces with mid-century modern vibes, like this retro combination. 
  5. Velvet – Velvet is luxurious and fancy! It gives a room a certain je ne se quoi.
  6. Pastels – Colour lovers unite! Pastels are actually considered a neutral instead of an accent. This beautiful sofa brings a little pastel vibe.
  7. Natural Leather – Soft, buttery leather is where it’s at. Warm, natural, and easy to style. 
  8. Rattan and Wicker – Don’t think of the beach! Think relaxed, casual, and oh so beautiful. 
  9. Blonde Woods – Blonde or light stained woods are casual, easy-going and modern. 
  10. Curvy Furniture – A take on mid-century modern and art deco, curvy furniture provides a softer look in a room and is super comfortable to sit in. 

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