Purchase Your Kitchen Design for only 145 €

a full 3d visualization of your kitchen design

Your FREE* Kitchen Design in 3 easy steps…

* The upfront cost of our Kitchen Design Service will be refunded when you place your kitchen order

Step 1: Design

Once you purchase our design service we’ll email you a design pack, when we receive this back we’ll spend a day on your kitchen design. Using our state of the art 3D design software package we’ll produce high resolution images and a detailed floor plan.

Step 2: Visualise

We’ll email these detailed images and floor plan for you to check and approve. If there’s anything you’re not happy then let us know and we’ll make the changes so it’s exactly how you want your new kitchen to look. After your approval we’ll issue the final drawings by email.

Step 3: Supply

We’ll provide a detailed quote based on the design, once you’ve approved the drawings and happy with everything you can place your order via online store using link we send you. When the order in completed we’ll provide you with a detailed plan numbered to match the delivery note and the product labels.

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